Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated blueberry farm in Southwest Michigan. As of October, 2019, we officially became a 501(c) charitable organization that donates 100% of its harvest to food pantries in need.


While we have traditionally grown blueberries on our land, we are pleased to announce that with the generous support of our volunteers and donors, we will have the resources to begin growing a variety of additional fruits and vegetables in the 2020 growing season.


Yielding new crops, however, takes a lot of hard work (and resources). Find out how you can help make our dream of expanding the reach of The Giving Farm to help more of those in need. 

Our History

Our blueberry bushes were originally planted in the 1980’s and were farmed using conventional practices for nearly 30 years. Around 2008, the owners of the farm were no long able to maintain their crop, and the farm sat idle for the next eight years. In 2015, we took over the land with the hopes of rejuvenating the fields.

We have always believed that our values should guide all that we do, which is why we made a commitment early on to grow our blueberries organically. We want to do everything we can to protect the environment and leave a better planet, not only for our grandchildren, but for all future generations. Using synthetic chemicals or pesticides was simply not something that aligned with our belief system.

Through a lot of hard work, we were able to rebuild our fields and strengthen our soils naturally, bringing all 2,500 of our bushes back to life within a couple of years. At Lakeshore Country Farms, we were blessed with a delicious crop of blueberries (ones that could be eaten right off the bush!), and we were even more blessed and excited to be able to share our harvest with others by selling our products.

How The Giving Farm Was Born

After every harvest, we would head to our local food pantries where would donate a larger and larger portion of our blueberry harvest. It didn’t take us long to realize that the joy we got from our farm wasn’t from selling our fruit, but from giving it away to people who really needed it. Season after season, we gave away more and more of our harvest until it became abundantly clear what we needed (and wanted) to do. From there, The Giving Farm was born.

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Proud to be a naturally grown farm

Working to build a better, healthier growing environment

Rather than using chemicals to improve a yield and fight diseases, The Giving Farm is committed to only using organic farming practices. That means we'll never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our land. Our dedication to natural farming not only makes for healthier bushes that are resistant to drought and insects, we think it makes for a juicer, more flavorful fruits and vegetables!